Darling, lovely perfect Carson is in need of a foster home of a forever family!

Carson is looking for a temporary foster home or a permanent family. Meet our most amazing and darling 3 yr old Carson! One week ago, BRQ rescued Carson from a reserve in Northern Quebec where he was living outdoors 24/7. Since his owner had abandoned him, a neighbour started to feed him but was unable to keep him indoors due to her landlord's objections. The poor guy has been outdoors all winter - can you imagine a boxer outdoors??!! His coat is the thickest we have ever seen on a boxer. He is covered in scabs from being attacked by other dogs. Despite all that he is SO friendly and loving. He gets along with dogs of all kinds (he was transported to us in a car with 3 others dogs of all sizes/sexes). The neighbour who was feeding him told us that he was always playing with the children on the street. He does not jump up, does not pull on leash, knows to sit and give the paw, has been left loose while his foster parents go out with no trouble, he is housetrained, gentle with great manners......and one last thing.....he is blind. Our vet thinks he can see shadows/light but that is it. I know this might cause some families to not consider him for adoption but he is really an amazing guy and better adjusted than most seeing rescue dogs that we get in. Maybe being blind is the reason he is so well adjusted....We are not sure if he was born this way or not. His eyes are not infected or painful or anything like that. He had his check up and deworming last week, and is being neutered today. 
If you are interested in fostering or adopting Carson, please apply on our website at http://www.boxerrescuequebec.com/apply