BRQ adoptee Chance needs your help and support.


BRQ adoptee Chance needs your help and support.

Chance and Sassy were surrendered to BRQ in the summer of 2007. They were used for breeding and were starving and neglected when they were brought to their foster home. With care and love, they flourished and were adopted. Since Sassy and Chance were so bonded, one of our criteria was that we wanted them to be adopted together – a big commitment for any family. 

Lucky for these two the perfect family found them! It was a long drive to be joined with their new family in Windsor, Ontario but on a snowy day in November 2007 they arrived at their new home. Their new family consisted of a then 8 year old boy (now 13) and his mom, and they instantly fell in love with Sassy and Chance. 

Recently with tough economic times, bad luck hit, and there were layoffs at the GM plant in Windsor. Sadly, Sassy and Chance's mom was one of the unlucky ones to lose her job. Retraining and job hunting has been difficult, but the family is surviving, putting one foot in front of the other and faith and determination have kept them going. 

In a second round of bad luck, our sweet Chance has been diagnosed with diabetes. He is not doing well and needs hospitalization. BRQ would like to help with his vet bills since his family is already struggling. His family is heartbroken at this turn of events. They have already spent $700 for the initial visit and they are straining to keep up. If you can find it in your heart to help at this particular time it would be very much appreciated - any amount would help.

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