A loving tribute to Wilbur

Boxer Rescue Quebec would like to send our sincere condolences to Nigel and Patty Dawson and family for their loss of Wilbur, a BRQ adoptee and a much loved family member. He could not have had a better family! Here is a tribute that they wrote for him:
"We will always remember the first day of Wilbur arriving at our house in July 2010 and our 4 year old daughter running off crying because she was scared of the new addition to the family, Wilbur. It took Wilbur less than a day to convince her he was going to be her best friend, as he also has been to us all. Every day he has been ours and the girls friend, playmate, protector and loyal companion.
I will never forget the girls squeals of laughter as he played with them in the garden, his eyes moving back and forth on walks checking where the girls were and the people he didnt know, stretching out in the lounge with one of us as we relaxed and watched TV, his reluctance to go for a walk in the rain and how he hated getting wet, futile attempts to chase squirrels, his tolerance for energy infused (and sometime irritating to him) small dogs, his suspiscion of larger dogs (unless they were female), his fake mean posturing in front of cats but most of all, his unconditional love for all the family.
Unfortunately Wilbur was diagnosed with a tumour on his heart in early March and was given approximate 2-4 weeks to live but together with the help of Joanne from BRQ, we made sure he enjoyed his last few weeks with us as much as he could. On April 10th 2013, sadly Wilbur passed away with his human mum comforting him.
We will all miss him so much
Nigel, Patty, Bianca, Ana Lucia and Alexandra"