Home At Last Foster Program

Most foster dogs’ needs are relatively short in duration - a few weeks at a time. But one particular need stands out in our minds and gives us reason to pause to acknowledge and celebrate a small group of particularly brave souls: the special volunteers who provide end of life care for our terminally ill, special needs and elderly dogs.

Understandably, most foster care volunteers are reluctant to take on this kind of potentially heartbreaking task - and who can blame them? We know how hard it is for volunteers to give up their foster pup after a few weeks of life together. But can you imagine how difficult it is to commit to take in a dog you don’t even know and care for him through all the challenges that accompany age or terminal illness?

These folks have physically carried dogs outside for relieving, or in and out of vehicles; cleaned up all kinds of accidents; spent hours in the vet clinic for exams and tests; and keep a careful watch for fading quality of life, for the eventual signs that reveal the end is near. When given the choice if they want to be with the dog when the vet has to put them to sleep, all of these amazing caretakers have chosen to be there, providing comfort and a familiar face so the dogs can be as peaceful as possible - and because at this point their Boxer Angel has become a family member and a dear friend.


It can be hard to think about losing a pet, especially one you have known for all of its life. But it takes an incredible person to take in an unknown elderly or infirm dog and show them the love and devotion they deserve, as if the dog had been a part of their lives all along. We are forever grateful to the kindness and selflessness these volunteers have shown our dogs at the end of their lives. The gift of their time and love deserves the highest praise and we salute them for this heroic effort.

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So who pays the bills?
BRQ pays for the boxer's vet care, and if needed will also cover the cost of food. The foster parent just provides the love and a warm home. 

Where do you find boxers in need of permanent care?
Many different places, could be a family moving, a shelter, divorce etc.

What reasons would a boxer be in need of permanent foster care?
Terminally ill, advanced age, health issues etc.

Who decides what boxer is placed with the foster family?
It is a collaboration with the foster family, we consider very seriously the family's needs and lifestyle as well as the needs of the boxer.