Some of you might remember our Willow. She has just had her 1st year anniversary with BRQ so we thought you'd like an update! Above are before and after photos. For those of you who do not remember Willow's story - Willow came to us via the SPCA Jean Talon last summer after she was found as a stray. She was emaciated, overbred and covered in wounds - and she was the most fearful boxer we have ever come across. Willow is in permanent foster with BRQ because we discovered that she has a cancerous tumour in her heart. 

It has taken a lot of work over the last year to get Willow healthy, we have had a few setbacks - she bloated last fall and we had to go into emergency surgery to save her life - thanks to Willow's strong spirit and Dr Glew and Leah Wilson at the Clinique vétérinaire Timberlea who came in on a Sunday night, saved Willow's life and then spent the night with her to make sure she was ok. 

The last year has been a lot of positive reinforcement to get Willow accustomed to living in a house, trusting her human family - she even enjoys her walks now! When she first wakes up in the morning she does a happy dance to greet her humans, with a big smile on her face. She has discovered the comfort of the couch, which is also her safe place where she feels most at ease. We can no longer see the scars from all of the wounds she came in with. Willow is amazing to be around - despite everything she has gone through she has a happiness about her new life that rubs off on everyone around her.

Thanks for reading! If you would like to donate to support the care of permanent foster boxers in our program, like Willow, please visit http://boxerrescuequebec.com/donate

Willow today


Grover aka "Groves" is a handsome old fellow who again, was found as a stray as turned into the shelter. At his age he would not have gone up for adoption there, so he made his way to BRQ thanks to a dear friend and his namesake. Once Grover was in his foster home, it was discovered that he is deaf. Sadly he also had a cancerous lump in his ear that needed to be removed, taking much of his left ear. Still handsome as ever he enjoys life to the fullest - as long as his foster parents are near by! Grover has some separation anxiety although with work, it has improved 95%. Old Groves also has some incontinence issues so his foster parents are careful to not leave him alone too long - which suits him just fine ;)