Names:           Sammy 
Age:                 9 months (Jan 2016)
Sex:                 Male, neutered

Dogs                            Super high energy, plays well with other dogs (slow introduction)
                                    no small dogs
Cats:                            Not tested with cats but probably no cats
Children                        Older children since he plays rough
Housebroken:               Yes
Crate:                           Work in progress, can be left for about 3 hours now during day
Will sleep in crate at night
Location:                      South shore area
Fenced yard:                 ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED - must have a securely fenced yard
Needs a family with someone home at least part of the day.  He also shares his foster home with two other boxers and a parrot   He is around people and dogs all day.  His ideal new home would have another high energy dog for him to play with. 
Sammy is a nervous dog that will need someone with patience that will work with him to make him a more secure dog. He is a diamond in the rough who just needs a little polishing to shine. He will make a great friend to someone who loves the outdoors.  To help with his stress, he is currently taking ¼ pill Fluvoxamine Apo50 mg.
Sammy is doing well with crate training and can now stay in the crate for 3 hours during the day.  He will sleep in the crate at night comfortably and with no problem.  He is housebroken but is let out frequently during the day.  With proper and slow introductions, Sammy does well with other dogs.  He is nervous when first meeting humans and barks, but is OK after a bit of time.  Sammy was tested with small animals and does not do well with them.  Based on that, we would say no small dogs or cats.  His stay at home mom is a animal groomer, so lucky Sammy gets a bath every two weeks or so.  He does well in the bath, and does well being groomer as long as you just take your time and have a treats.  Sammy likes to go for car rides and especially Tim’s as he occasionally gets a Tim Bit for a treat.  He enjoys all sorts of toys, especially soccer balls.
He knows how to sit and give paw.  He does not dig in the backyard, or try to jump or climb the fence.  Due to his age, he still needs to be supervised when outside. He is a barker when excited so would do best in a home. 
Sammy needs training to not pull when on leash.  He is so excited, especially when he sees another dog, he will pull to greet the other dog.  Not all dogs like another dog rushing at them, so this needs to be worked on.  He can be skittish when outdoors, doesn’t like loud noises and barks at strangers outside the home.
Sammy is a sweetheart that needs a patient, loving home to work with him and help him become more secure.  If you think you are that family, please complete the adoption form at