Are you looking to adopt a young, handsome and vibrant boxer boy? *Update* Boomer is now with BRQ!

Boomer is a very handsome, large 15 month old boxer. While outside he loves to play with the other dogs like a big puppy and while inside he is calm and loves to chew on his bone or sleep on the couch.  He is full of wiggles when the kids come home from school, happy to see them.  He is great on walks with his harness or gentle leader.  He shows no real interest in dogs we pass along the way (and so far has no interest in our cat). He doesn’t seem to be a digger or a barker, but on the occasion he does bark, it’s a deep “stay out of my yard” bark.  He likes to snuggle on the couch or just hang out on his own.  At night and during dinner we put him in his crate and he doesn’t complain.  With younger dogs he is a playful puppy and with older dogs he shows respect and is submissive.  Although we were told he is a jumper, we haven’t witnessed this behaviour yet. He is learning to share with his foster brother and sister dogs ;0)

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