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Help us help these dogs and more like them, shop at BRQ and make a gracious donation!
By shopping at our online store, here are only some of the Boxers you will be helping:
Sydney: a special needs boy who was originally found as a stray, barely skin and bones, and with a severe untreated ear infection that has left him deaf.
Nellie: sweet girl who came from a puppy mill, completely emaciated due to malnutrition and disease, very weak and pregnant! No matter her ordeals, Nellie has had her puppies, took care of them and never complained.
Nellie's Darling puppies: All 6 og them will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and health checked prior to adoption.
Ashton and Sally: A pair of dear boxer friends, rescued from one of the worst puppy mills around. With vet bills at over $800, our adoption fee will never cover these costs.
Lady: Has had to be hospitalized due to a nasty virus - she is still at the vet clinic and her vet bills are at $1000 and counting...

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